Story from the Equatorial Line


These drawings on a light projection were made from found objects by using a text of Sudanese artist Omar Kamal. The work illuminates communication aspects through the "Beauty through my Eyes" Sudan-Germany exchange project, their differing origin and perception. Some artists were denied to enter Germany by either the sudanese or german country. During the project questions arose on how to deal with language deficits, the distance between them and how to cooperate with these obstacles at hand. My question was of what would be understood of our communincation, and what would be lost over the course of time, through space, data, telephone and translation? Using an overhead projector, I used found objects to project our story and what was told to me by one of the artists that had to stay in Sudan, projected onto a basement wall. The images would change daily and were photographed and transformed into a little story of our journey. An 8-part picture story was then transferred into small souvenir televisions, that can be seen and looked through against light. In the enclosed booklet you can find the text for each picture.